Meet Margie Hammond

Margie HammondAlthough I don't like to admit it, I've got 40+ years in the corporate world. Who ever wants to admit they're getting older? However, I can't complain too loudly because most of that time has been leading teams and working my way up to various senior positions. Throughout my career, what I've enjoyed most has been Human Resources management, talent management, succession planning, leadership development, and change leadership. To successfully carry out those roles, I've had to refine the soft skills and learn how people think, what pushes their buttons.

In 2003 I became a coach. The reason was that I had experienced coaching and saw first hand the difference it makes. Of course, I immediately wanted to be a coach myself because more than anything else, I love watching people grow their skills and move forward personally and professionally.

In trying out coaching myself, I found what worked best for me was a coaching/mentoring mix. As a result, I decided that's what I'd do when coaching you. I'll provide you with knowledge, challenge you, push you and support you. The mentor side of me will acknowledge your successes and wins, and also test your assumptions and limiting beliefs.

In exchange, I will give you a high level of trust, respect, compassion and care.

But what about my credentials?

I'm a Certified Executive Coach (CEC), and a Professional Certified Coach (PCC).

I graduated from the Royal Roads University Executive Coaching program and also completed the Coaches Training Institute Fundamentals and Core Curriculum programs. I've also completed the intensive 10-month Co-Active Leadership program through the Coaches Training Institute. I am a member of the International Coach Federation and am also a founding member and past board member of the International Coach Federation, Atlantic Chapter.

Here's what Dana in Saint John said about working with me:

Connecting with Margie was easy from our first conversation. We started the coaching process navigating our way through what seemed like an impossible task. Within a few coaching sessions, however, I felt the fog lifting. I knew I was going down a great path of discovery.

I always looked forward to my sessions with Margie. Her understanding of the human condition and professionalism was always present in our coaching sessions. The best part about being coached by Margie is that the work that we started continues to show up everyday.

Give me a call at 506-650-5141 because you're conscientious, dependable and intelligent - the type of person who wants to improve their abilities.