How the coaching process works.

Like engineers, computer programmers, accountants and even writers, I find that many things turn out best when I use a process that's proven to work.

Step #1
You investigate coaching to learn more about it. You read articles, and check out websites. You're not about to buy into something just because it's the flavour of the month. Instead, you want something that will help you learn and grow your skills.

Step #2
After thoroughly checking things out, you contact me ... either by telephone or via email. We book our initial session.

Step #3
In our first coaching session ( I call this the “intake session”), you and I get to know each other a bit. I ask you a lot of questions to understand what you'd like to work on. In other words what are your objectives? Why have you come to coaching, etc? Together, we design the process and the logistics so you can achieve your goal. This meeting takes about one and a half hours.

Step #4
Your coaching sessions take place on a regular basis that we agreed to, either in person or over the phone. My preference is over the phone, but hey.... it isn’t about me. This is ALL ABOUT YOU!

This is where the real work starts. Everything we talk about is completely confidential. You tell me your concerns. I ask you questions, and challenge you. During it all, I'm your biggest supporter and the agenda is all yours!

In between sessions it's up to you to play it forward. (Don’t worry … I'm there for you!) Because you're serious about learning new skills, you're practicing your skills and refining your learning. As a result of your dedication, you start noticing positive changes at work and home.

This process works. Here's what Sharon (C Suite) had to say about coaching:

I must admit, though the concept was intriguing, I was not sure what to expect and was a bit nervous about the process. It only took one meeting with you to completely buy into the concept of coaching. There is no doubt this was a great experience for me and one of the other staff members here because of your style of coaching.

I have grown and developed personally and professionally through our meetings over the 6 months of coaching and am pleased to inform you that many of the concepts and discoveries from our sessions have lead to great changes in the dynamics of [ company name removed ]. There are way too many to name here but I would like you to know that without your coaching, the biggest personnel change in our history would not have had the great results it did. Also, staff meetings, training and communication have all changed for the better. And personally, I am pleased to inform you that I am working on (and growing each time) on public speaking. As well, I have applied for that second Masters Degree and if accepted will enroll in my Counseling Degree in September.

Hmmm…..still not sure???

Feel free to give me a call and I'll give you a free session just to try coaching out! I know you'll take advantage of this offer because you're serious about learning and developing your skills. And, let's face it, you're also curious about the coaching process.