Why coaching works.

Imagine a world where everything thinks and reacts the same way. No conflict. Shared purpose. But also no creativity and growth.

Fortunately, reality isn't like that. John's not Mary. And he doesn't react like Mary. He sees the world differently and that perspective has given him strengths that others don't have. Unfortunately, when you've got a strength, you've also got a weakness. And this ying/yang effect reminds me of the story of the frosted lightbulbs.

Way back in the 1920's, the engineers at General Electric had a hazing ritual for new engineers. They'd put them to work on an impossible task - frosting a light bulb without causing the glass to weaken. The engineers thought this task would keep new staff occupied and out of trouble. They'd chuckle at how hard these young engineers would work at what the more experienced engineers knew was an impossible task. They'd say, "That will keep them out of our hair for a few months!"

Then GE hired Marvin Pipkin. He too was given the impossible task of frosting the light bulb. Only this time the new guy did the impossible. Marvin Pipkin frosted the light bulb.

The reason Marvin Pipkin was able to do this when the experienced engineers couldn't was that experience was both a blessing and a curse. The old timers' experience told them the task was impossible. But Marvin Pipkin was too inexperienced (and too stubborn) to know better. He saw the task from another perspective and he attacked the problem with a fresh way of thinking and observing.

Coaches are a lot like Marvin Pipkin. They see challenges with a different set of eyes. They have different skills, a different perspective. As a result, they can point out where your perspective might not be totally accurate. They can show you how to change the way you think about the problem, to get more than just one perspective on a difficulty. (By the way, seeing things from multiple perspectives is what made Einstein and da Vinci so successful.)

In order to see from a different perspective, you need a coach with a different skill set from you. And that's where I come in. Give me a call at 506-650-5141 because you want a coach who can help you see a different perspective.